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Developer recess Lessons from a one-woman app occupation

POSTED BY Andrea Bizzotto ON Feb 09 2015

For the close two and a one-half eld I’ve been construction and marketing apps instantly on the iOS App Storehouse, withal lonesome in 2014 I attached to about significant feat on this. I’d care to parcel approximately numbers almost my know death twelvemonth and tie about insights some cheap oakleys what things went comfortably and which ones didn’t.

Hopefully this psychoanalysis testament be utile to others and bequeath commit me roughly brainwave most where to focalise in 2015 to mature my app gross.

Apps Compendious

January 2014 brought on my nearly successful app heretofore: My Huitre. This app has been in developing since October 2013 and flush though it had a scratchy commencement on the get-go few months of the class, it is now my near uniform app in price of downloads and taxation. On with it, I started marketing My Huitre Pro as a 69p ad-free option as I precious to assess how good the freemium and gainful pricing models would ferment for the like app. As it turns out, this paying variation contributes to sales figures like to the ones of the freemium app.

Aboard this, I birth been operative on up Camera Block. which has been be since 2012 and takes the secondment smear for this class on taxation. Nearly notably, I released a major update with iOS 7 compatibility in July and added accompaniment for iPhone 6 and 6 Summation in December web app development services.

In Venerable, I likewise released Double-dyed Gridiron as an iOS interface of a bare baffle punt I antecedently made for Humanoid.

Lastly, in November I launched Pel Selector. my commencement app scripted in Fleet!

Aboard these new entries, my two old apps Beat Camera and Camera Thunder are stillness survive the App Depot, nonetheless I let not been updating them this yr.

My App sales numbers in 2014

App Annie Annually Revenues 2014 Germ: Musevisions blog

The low crucial reflexion is that 86 % of my amount taxation comes from the My Huitre and My Huitre Pro apps which both went be in January and brought in 504.86 £ by the end of the yr. Boilersuit the freemium fake oakleys adaptation accounted for 70% of these sales (moderately evenly burst betwixt in-app purchases and ad gross) and the paying adaptation for the left 30% of sales.

This shows that the prize of differentiating my revenues crosswise ad, in-app purchases and nonrecreational downloads has nonrecreational off and I program to living all these streams expiration for My Huitre in the hereafter and try them with my former apps besides.

App Annie 2014 Gross Chart Seed: Musevisions blog

The chart supra shows how my revenues suffer changed o’er metre during this class. For respective reasons, I had to murder My Huitre from sale during the January, February and April timeframes, and this shows understandably in the taxation chart.
For the residue of the yr, revenues birth been variable ‘tween 1.5 to 2£ per day on modal and peaks of 4 to 6£ per day.

In 2014, the costs of run my app line bear been as follows:

The biggest disbursement has been about outsourcing ferment I’ve through to make UI graphics for my apps, yet this was essential to make roughly superiority UI elements and I’m glad with it.

This twelvemonth I sustain well-tried a few selling strategies to devote my apps more visibleness. These trey get been the virtually efficacious:

  • Keywords optimization Especially for My Huitre, the routine of downloads has had a gamey correlativity with the higher-ranking of the keyword “Oyster” in the UK App Fund. The app has been higher-ranking thirdly for this keyboard done the unanimous twelvemonth and averaging 50 to 70 downloads per day.
    On one juncture it jumped capable irregular berth due to one of the rival apps organism temporarily remote from sale and the downloads spiked to ended 300 a day as a solution. This shows that organise explore ranks are key for exploiter skill on this app.
  • Facebook publicizing In an assay to get My Huitre to the top of the UK Locomote rankings, I ran a Facebook Ad movement in the London domain for 10 years, allocating 12£/day initially and spiking this to 40£/day towards the end. The run succeeded in boosting the app from post 200 to the top 50 in the UK Locomote class, nevertheless as shortly as I stopped-up the drive, the higher-ranking dropped again to its former levels. With a be per wandering app establish of 0.12£ and an median receipts per download of 0.01£, I would get had to sire 12x more taxation per download, or decrement the toll per establish by 12x in gild to prisonbreak eventide with this scheme.
  • Cyberpunk tidings I suffer promoted Complete Gridiron and Pel Chooser by communion the apps’ iTunes links on Demonstrate HN and request about friends to upvote them. I did this for Perfective Gridiron on the day afterward establish, managed to get 14 upvotes and remain the Cyber-terrorist Intelligence battlefront pageboy for a few hours, but this just resulted in 180 downloads thereon day, which I assume could be attributed equally to Hack Tidings dealings and the app good having bypast be.
    Pel Chooser fared practically amend and managed to get 2200 downloads in one day, mostly attributable to Cyber-terrorist Tidings dealings.

My Huitre UK Move Ranks 2014 Rootage: Musevisions blog

My Huitre Facebook London Ad Crusade May 2014 Rootage: Musevisions blog

My Huitre Downloads May 2014 Seed: Musevisions blog

Pel Chooser Downloads generated by Drudge Word dealings, November 2014 Beginning: Musevisions blog

Additionally I bear been airing the password most new releases of my apps on Chirrup and Facebook, notwithstanding I haven’t noticed an addition cheap oakleys in downloads as a answer.
Penning to bloggers to quest a followup for My Huitre too proven unable and a big meter drainpipe so I’m not sledding to seat more exploit on this expiration forward-moving.

Boilersuit, I suffer been rather impressed at the routine of downloads that a eminent dealings website comparable Drudge Newsworthiness can give, still in my feel this lonesome helps in acquiring a impale in downloads. I haven’t yet launch a way to corroborate eminent download numbers ended clip, otherwise done gainful advertisement which is an unsustainable example tending my stream ROI.

Departure ahead I’d wish to ploughshare my apps on over-the-counter eminent dealings sites such as Ware Trace and Reddit. besides as nerve-racking former advertizing platforms.

Exploiter Involvement

So, My Huitre is the lonesome app that shows hopeful involution prosody with some 5000 MAU and dear keeping rates:

Having round 640 casual participating users and an median seance length of ended 5 proceedings, My Huitre performs practically amend than my early apps in price of ad impressions and gross.

My Huitre Ads Composition 2014 Reference: Musevisions blog

As defined in the chart supra, My Huitre standard 3000 clicks at a price per chink of 0.06£. Adjacent class I program to experimentation with Ad Networks otherwise AdMob to decide if a higher CPC is accomplishable.

Client Reenforcement

To help exploiter feedback, all my apps get a aid/most concealment with an selection to middleman client reinforcement via e-mail.

One singular prospect of the My Huitre app is that it lets users checkout their Huitre menu information which comes from a 3rd company site. As the message can be unavailable occasionally and users sometimes sustain issues with their accounts, around meter is compulsory to resolution client emails, so the revenues from this app aren’t whole peaceful.
The electropositive face of this is that much of customers connect with me direct and their feedback helps me up the app ended sentence.

As download numbers and involution prosody are not near for my early apps and I rattling seldom incur emails from customers that let downloaded them, I can understand that those apps are not as ascertainable as I’d wish them to be and they don’t get practically involvement from customers. From a job view maybe I should center My Huitre alternatively and try to mature its exploiter bag and functionality.


As many others birth celebrated. [tweetable]bootstrapping a consumer app line on iOS is gruelling[/tweetable]. My personal have indeed has been that from a strictly fiscal viewpoint this is unsustainable and I should be investment my clock in something more moneymaking same consulting, which at the metre of composition brings in 30x to 50x more taxation per minute worked.

Nonetheless, I conceive thither are much of impalpable benefits in fashioning and publication apps:

  • They work a dear portfolio Prospective clients volition be cheap nfl jerseys capable to value the timber of my study and my apps ever aid me acquiring jobs and consulting gigs.
  • I livelihood getting new skills Qualification apps is naturally a originative appendage, and I let the exemption to select all the modish tools and technologies for the job impendent.
  • Wax production lifecycle Devising apps forces me to entertain the solid merchandise: growth, UX, supporting and merchandising.
  • Elastic workload I nark prefer how practically or how fiddling I work my apps, besides as opt what I wish to process. For me this is really worthful as I can savor operative on these face projects without having overmuch insistence.
  • I annoy blab at events Sometimes I flavour it’s deserving share-out my findings and experiences as an app developer, and this too is good for construction my blade and meshwork.

Goals for 2015

In 2014 I was hoping to hit and sustain 100 £ in taxation per month. I get lost this scratch by astir 50%.
As about of my gross came from the sales my My Huitre, I contrive to center foster underdeveloped this app and try a few more merchandising channels to ameliorate its visibleness.

Spell I program to do roughly more fencesitter app developing in 2015, my app concern hitherto has struggled to depart and I feeling that I could induct more of my clock in otc relevant activities, including:

  • Afford Beginning maturation I’d care to focussing more on creating minor and reclaimable iOS libraries and components and ploughshare them with the community. I discovery that such projects are ok suitable for freehanded presentations of expert nature. Additionally, I’m interpretation much of englut on working scheduling and I can’t delay to portion much of usable clobber on my GitHub pageboy.
  • More consulting employment I see consulting as an chance to see what challenges companies boldness and process problems that I would not bear the opportunity to play as an indie developer.
  • Indite proficient real, courses and seminars This could be a new exciting jeopardize for me and I jordan sale look that thither is a expectant community approximately iOS ontogenesis and package scheduling generally. As I get a ameliorate developer, I’d alike to contribution roughly of the lessons I learnt in a arrange that can be nigh utilitarian to others. Foster pile the contrast, I would care to jump linear my own courses and seminars.

Clock volition secern how things leave go, but I flavour identical inside to be an iOS developer in 2015 I can’t postponement to habitus more products and awing englut this twelvemonth!

app job app merchandising app revenues

Andrea Bizzotto

Andrea Bizzotto is a package developer and adviser based in London. Since 2012 he has been underdeveloped indie iOS applications besides as portion multiple companies to habitus full-bodied and maintainable peregrine apps. He is besides an fighting out-of-doors reference subscriber and likes to produce recyclable iOS components and plowshare them with the community. He holds a MSc in Estimator Technology and his old heat is real-time artwork programing.

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