Partners and Friends

Here are our partners and friends

Motorcycle Rental Italy has some friends supporting us making this site larger and better From the designer who is managing this web site to our favourite tourist locations and the mechanic who repairs our scooters and vehicles and more friends in Italy and in the world.


Roberto Busdraghi Pontedera

Roberto Busdraghi

Mechanic Shop on Pontedera

Roberto is the Magician Mechanic who repairs and fixes our scooters and motorcycles. He has been our trusted repair partner since our business took off. He is in Pontedera, the city of Piaggio and Vespa, where our Head Office is located as well.


Skye Design Studios Mark Jansson

Skye Pro – mark Skye Jansson

Web Designer, Photographer and Graphic Artist in Ponsacco (Pisa)

This guy is taking care of our new 2013 web site abd our social network campaign. We are increasing our web presence day by day to better convey to our international customers what we do and who we are. He lives in Ponsacco, some miles from Pontedera. he speaks and write English more than fluently and often he is abroad around the world taking pictures of animals and designing his funny cartoons. He is bringing us a international atmosphere, revamping our web site to new standards.