Rental Locations

Multirent Head Office and Rentals in Pontedera (Tuscany)

Street Address: Via Pisana 78 – Pontedera (Pisa)
Office phone: +39 (0)587 212625
Mobile phone: +39 393 9245736,
Fax Line: +39 (0)587 211387


Rental Location in Florence (Tuscany – Central Italy)

Street address: Via Borgo Ognissanti 133 RED  – Florence
Phone: +39 055 2654207
Mobile Phone: +39 348 6540236
Hints to get there:  five minutes walking from the Santa Maria Novella train station

Rental Location in Rome (Lazio – Central Italy)

Street address: Via delle Sette Chiese 276/E
Phone: 0039 393 9245736
Hint to get here: Head for a location called “Garbatella.” nearby Cristoforo Colombo way, the location is easy to reach by bus or metro.

Rental Location in Milan (Lombardia – Northern Italy)

Street Address: S.S. n° 33 Del Sempione Pogliano Milanese – Milano
Phone 0039 393 9245736
Hints to get there: c/o BMW dealer “Due Ruote” Where: Outside of Milano on the Malpensa aiport side of Milan in Pogliano Milanese, away from all city traffic with easy access to the Autostrade to reach the prine motorcycling roads.

Rental Location in Toscana: Aeroporto di Pisa (International Pisa Airport)

Street address: Via dell’Aeroporto 69
Phone: 0039 393 9245736