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Developer Tools for PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic in IntelliJ Estimate 14

Organism the topper IDE for Coffee developers, IntelliJ Estimate is likewise consecrate to providing the first-grade accompaniment for non-Java technologies, particularly when it comes to web growing. If youve e’er ill-used IntelliJ Theme to oeuvre with JavaScript, CSS, or AngularJS codification, so Im indisputable you recognise what I intend.

IntelliJ Mind 14 is exit to be eventide ray ban sunglasses wagerer therein way, and you can see it for youself in the modish EAP. where you can have the its mightiness and flexibleness when underdeveloped HTML5 loan-blend roving applications.

Were pleased to foretell that both IntelliJ Approximation and WebStorm volition formally backup PhoneGap. Apache Cordova and Ionic frameworks with the induction of consecrated plugin.

For instructions on how to use the plugin, consult to its tutorial.

The plugin is already useable for IntelliJ Estimate 14 EAP. You are receive to download it and commit it a try. In lawsuit something doesnt study as expected, delight ploughshare your feedback on our word assembly and reconcile bug reports to the outlet tracker

Its besides deserving to quotation that the PhoneGap/Cordova plugin is open-sourced and uncommitted for donation on our GitHub secretary.

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Roughly Andrey Cheptsov

Half-time idealist. JVM/JavaScript eccentric. IntelliJIDEA Merchandising Handler at JetBrains.

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