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Development iOS apps on Windows 7 – Ask Different_3

Delight interpret my head full, I searched many questions but that doesn’t result my enquiry full. We are provision to break an iOS app victimisation PhoneGap, so we suffer likewise purchased $99 Developer permit for it. So we are dear, but as per my inquiry I base that we cannot 국물에… chassis iOS app on windows, we mandatory pauperism mac for it.

My doubtfulness, is it necessity to use mac evening if we don’t deliver specify to posit to app storehouse presently? Equitable we motivation to essay our app on iPad so that formerly we suffer bug unblock covering we can buy mac and figure dismissal reading out of it earlier we take to app shop.

Is this potential? Since we are a Coffee betray and this is our low projection for iOS, delight self-justification me if I am request something obvious.

asked May 30 ’13 at 3:46

@MattDMo The dubiousness as asked power be a border suit but Im unforced to let it hitch as it chiefly focuses on tools and processes (and not on genuine inscribe). Your outset scuttlebutt is spot-on (you really want XCode both wholesale Jerseys for the simulator and for instalment apps on the twist), could you billet it as an solvent? patrix May 30 ’13 at 5:23

So the bad tidings is that XCode is requisite for its iOS Simulator too as its Covering Stevedore quickness for really uploading the programs to iOS devices for existent examination. You’ll demand XCode for signing your apps earlier submitting to the App Storehouse. Unluckily, XCode is but usable for OS X.

Still, the dear newsworthiness is that you maybe capable to leverage OS X and run it cheap nfl jerseys in a practical car such as VMWare Workstation. I don’t acknowledge how square this is, as it is sooner hard to get OS X to run on non-Apple ironware, but a spry Google look shows that it is potential. This method would (potential) be cheaper than buying a new Mac, although the Mac Miniskirt retails in the US for lonesome $599. Approximately mobile app development london posts I’ve seen show that this may or may not cheap oakleys be sound, others say you demand OS X Waiter for virtualization. I’ll bequeath the inquiry capable you.

Thither are likewise services such as MacInCloud that Cheap Jerseys from china tolerate you to tear a Mac waiter that you can entree from Windows via distant background, or done your browser. Regrettably, I don’t recall you’d be able-bodied to use Covering Stevedore, as you deliver to physically tie the gimmick to your calculator, but it oakley outlet would study for exploitation and pretense, leastways.