MP3 250 Piaggio

The triple safety


PIAGGIO MP3    MP3 SCOOTER    piaggio-mp3

Because of its unique three-wheel mechanism, it can be brought to a stop and parked like a car, without using a traditional kickstand or centre stand. The front suspension is similar to the single-sided trailing arm of Vespa-style suspensions, linked by an alloy parallelogram and a central steering arm. When moving at slow speeds or stopped, the rider must maintain balance through forward motion or with feet on the ground. The front suspension locks or unlocks with the flick of a switch, located just below the throttle on the right handlebar. The suspension lock can be activated only manually, and only at low speeds or at a stop; it is disengaged when the engine speed exceeds 2,500 rpm.[1] A parking brake is used in conjunction with the locking mechanism to park the bike. A traditional center stand also is provided, useful in situations where the suspension cannot be locked, such as with a dead battery.

The first of the revolutionary Piaggio MP3 three-wheel scooters, providing safety, road grip and stability levels that no two-wheeler can match. Its power, performance and ease of use make for a very entertaining ride.

The MP3 250 redefines the entire concept of ride stability. With three ground contact points and a shock absorber on each wheel, the MP3 swallows bumps with incredible efficiency.