Ape PIAGGIO Calessino

Ape Calessino: retro style Italian Icon

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Ape Calessino, the timeless legend that proposes an original solution mobility. Ape over sixty years is a myth, a vehicle without equal in the world, always capable of surprise. Is an original vehicle and able to stand out thanks to its unique personality Old Style and versatility. Directly inspired by the Calessino that in the 50s he built his legend around the leading Hollywood stars visiting the islands and in the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean.
Ape, the undisputed icon of Italian style and unique personality vehicle, pays homage to its roots with a special limited edition. With its design the sixties, brings to life the unforgettable charm of La Dolce Vita. The top and four seats make it flexible for a variety of uses and situations, to rediscover a taste of driving and enjoying your leisure time. Modern aesthetics and finishes, "yachting style" finishes complete a prestige vehicle design "made in Italy". Enjoy a memorable vacation dreaming of the mythical 60's revival