BMW 1200 RT

Hundred per cent Tourer

BMW R 1200 RT rental prices

Price as to days (1 to 14 and beyond) - 250 kms a day included, taxes included - additional kms + 0.30 - prices in Euro,
limited liability to damage deposit

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Weekend Deposit
200 380 450 600 740 875 1005 1130 1255 1380 1495 1610 1725 1835 415 3500

BMW_R1200RT bmw-r-1200-rt BMW_R1200RT

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The R1200RT feels noticeably lighter than it looks. It is surprisingly agile and nimble, allowing for effortless riding over twisty roads (as here in Tuscany). The boxer engine now produces 110hp. It also revs effortlessly and with much lower vibration levels. As far as 2-cylinder fans are concerned, first-class touring has a memorable abbreviation – and it’s been around for 30 years: RT. For long-haul travellers there can hardly be any other term which has always stood for perfectly conceived motorcycling concept from start to finish: excellent wind and weather protection, optimum ergonomics, highly convenient operation combined with a top-class chassis fitted with the unique optional extras ASC and ESA II*. In the touring segment, these features probably define the ultimate benchmark of innovation. Even though the R 1200 RT cuts a superb figure everywhere with its dynamic new design, everything about it sends out the message: built to cover thousands of miles, preferably in one go.

In September 2006, the R1200RT was named the United Kingdom’s “number one motorcycle” by readers of RiDE magazine in its annual “RiDER POWER” survey. It repeated this achievement in 2007, reached second place overall in 2008, and won the top spot once more in 2009. In October 2006, the R1200RT was cited as the “Best Tourer” for the second year in a row by UK newspaper Motor Cycle News. In 2007, the bike was popularised by Charley Boorman who used the Adventure model for a trip from John o’ Groats in Scotland to Cape Agulhas in South Africa. The trip was documented in a book and television series Long Way Down.