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‘Daybreak’ Xmas Party At Agape On December Eighteen

AASAC’ Game Night – 7 p.m. in Rooms 203-204 on the 2nd floor of Our Lady of the Fields Church Hall, 1070 Cecil Avenue South in Millersville. This is their regular monthly get-together for fun and games and hanging out with friends. Most “game-nighters” usually bring along a snack or a non-alcoholic drink to share. For more of the skinny, contact Jeanne at 437-3619.

You can catch Mariah Carey’s concert series entitled ‘The Adventures of Mimi.” Or you can watch Paul McCartney’s “Good Evening New York City.” Or if your taste is more along the lines of the Rolling Stones, you can catch Mick Jagger rocking it “Live at the Max.” Of course, there are the more subtle tunes from Jack Johnson’s “En Concert” show or the pop-punk style of Green Day’s “Live at the Fox Theatre.” The amount of choices offered by satellite TV is quite staggering.

They both are equally complimentary of their band, The Phoenix Band. Harvey Wynne of Cochran, Chuck Spivey of Lake Sinclair and Tommy Lawson of Perry are, what both Collins and Knighton call, extraordinary.

134. Aye Davanita (Vitalogy, 1994) – What a groove. Arriving with perfect timing between “Better Man” and “Immortality” on Vitalogy, “Aye Davanita” may be the most danceable Pearl Jam track. Many people do not like Twenty One Pilots. What you will find out is that they are not really searching for concert show but for something else. It never really goes anywhere but it does keep concert show on grooving throughout its three minutes of action. The vocals resemble chanting more than singing, but add to the funk of the process. It reigns as the finest and most enjoyable experimental track on Vitalogy, and one of the best of the band’s career.

Jermaine Dupri was doing a videotaped interview with Usher when the Chris Brown situation aired, including photos showing Chris jet skiing in Miami. Usher said “C’mon, Chris. Have a little bit of remorse, man. The man’s on jet skis? Like, just relaxing in Miami?” The video was than posted on YouTube and it was nice for someone to stand up and say what most of us are all thinking.

“Save A Horse Ride A Cowboy” sang by the twenty one pilots tickets ebay uk Big and Rich, this video was a huge transition in country music, and lead country music to a place it had never been. This brought a whole new crowd of followers to country music and music video director David Hogan really created a dynamic video.

Jason appeared in Cincinnati, earlier in the summer at Fountain Square, and I have been a fan ever sense. This guy writes some of the most potent songs I have ever heard. So let’s look at Twenty One Pilots tickets and how it relates to music festival. His band is tight, musical, and has passion. He was well received in his Cincinnati performance, but I was a little disappointed that he was not here during the MidPoint music festival.

Ralph Mosteller is now in his mid-seventies and still plays. After an obligatory tune or two, he turns the family entertainment over to his son Chip and Vicki’s boys. Her husband Charles also plays and even collects guitars. Music just seems to revolve around Vicki Whitehead.

Dark tones work best at festivals as they are more likely to conceal inevitable food, drink and mud stains. Patterns are even better. It’s hard to tell a brown polka dot from a spot of mud!

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